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Audio Conversion Services

Hi-Tech BPO Services has been offering very reliable audio conversion services in the industry. We have been dealing with audio to audio conversion services as well as audio to text format conversion services.

The audio conversion India unit is highly capable and proficient in dealing with wide variety of outsource audio conversion requirements. Over the years, we have converted audio recorded in older audio mediums to newer digital formats as well as audio to various text file formats conversion and audio to text transcription.

Our audio conversion services range includes, but not limited to the following: audio cassettes, CDs, DVDs to mp3, wma, mp4, and wave. With superior technological tools, we can handle any sort of your audio conversion services requirements.

Features of Our Audio Conversion Services:

  • Wide array of audio conversion services options
  • Superior quality and accuracy guaranteed
  • Talented audio conversion India team
  • With advanced audio conversion technologies we can cater to all types of audio mediums
  • Round the clock customer assistance available


One of the main advantages of using our audio conversion services is that you will be able to save your time and money. As we will be catering to your outsource audio conversion requirements you will be able to save significant amount of time. Our services are very cost effective, which will definitely help you save money.

The audio conversion India team thoroughly understands your audio conversion requirements, before working on your project. This ensures that your entire outsource audio conversion requirements are met in a successful and timely manner.

Outsource audio conversion services to us, as our skilled team can help you in achieving all your objectives with regard to your audio conversion services requirements. With strict quality control measures in place, we ensure topmost quality and accuracy of all outputs.