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Audio Transcription Services

Hi-Tech BPO Services has been a prominent player in the audio transcription services field with its proficiency in handling both analog as well as digital audio recordings.

The quality and accuracy of our transcripts have assisted numerous clients to keep a text based record of all their vital audio recordings.

Audio transcribers of Hi-Tech BPO Services can also supply old audio mediums as well as the newer audio mediums or file formats. In other words, we can handle audio transcription requirements ranging from old audio cassettes, audio tapes to latest digital audio files, CD, DVD and other audio formats.

Outsource audio transcription requirements to us, as we will efficiently and accurately covert audio to text formats of your choice.

Solutions We Offer:

Hi-Tech BPO Services has been handling all kinds of audio transcription services. Below mentioned services are provided:

  • General audio transcription
  • Medical audio transcription
  • Legal audio transcription
  • Business audio transcription
  • Educational audio transcription
  • Financial audio transcription
  • Radio shows transcription

Experts from much industry with years of transcribing experience and expertise with complete transcription knowledge forms expert team at Hi-Tech BPO Services. This allows us to cater to wide range of audio transcription services from all industrial sectors.

Case Studies:

Benefits - Hi-Tech BPO Services:

  • Qualified and trained audio transcription services team
  • Round the clock audio transcription services delivery
  • Real time and live audio transcription services available as per requirement
  • Latest audio transcription technologies and applications
  • We deliver the best convert audio to text solutions in the industry
  • Accuracy and affordability assured audio transcription services
  • Our audio transcription services are compliant with various international standards regarding quality and confidentiality

With our audio transcription services team’s capabilities to accurately transcribe various languages accents and decipher various terminologies; our clients completely rely on us.

So far we have transcribed lectures, speeches, dictations, meetings, interviews, conferences, etc. So, outsource audio transcription requirements to us for an accurate transcript of your audio recordings.