Data Cleansing Services

Data Cleansing Services
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Clean up Master Database
We provide outsourced data cleansing services, data cleaning & data enrichment services to improve the standard of your customer database, email lists, customer records, etc. by cleaning up all incomplete, incorrect or duplicate data.

At Hi-Tech BPO Services, we go above and beyond to ensure the data you need is clean, helping you create better performing marketing campaigns, foster strong customer relationships and comply with all relevant regulations.

Data Cleansing & Enrichment Services We Provide

We provide companies with fresh and verified data that is consistently reliable. Here what we have done for our respected clients.
  • Identify and remove duplicate records
  • Identify and revise client with accurate, complete and proper information
  • Enhancing database by adding missing details i.e. first & last name, DOB, contact details, etc.
  • Customer database cleaning & enrichment services
  • Address validation
  • Data auditing and aggregation
  • Correcting values in a list of entities
  • Spelling corrections, misaligned data, company movements and goneaways

Why Choose Hi-Tech for Data Cleansing Services?

We have specialized team for each industry to handle niche requirements.

Case Studies of Data Cleansing Services

We just don’t manage business processes. Time bound quality deliverables and value addition to improve client’s processes
has been our endeavour since last 25 years.

What you get & Why Hi-Tech

Greater Profitability


Faster Turnaround Times

Turnaround Times

Creative Space to Expand Service offerings

Creative Space to Expand
Service offerings

More time to innovate & grow

More time to
innovate & grow

Opportunity to Breeze through deadlines

Opportunity to Breeze
through deadlines

Better Work-Life Balance

Better Work-Life

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