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Data Conversion Services

Get your huge stock of printed/handwritten hard-copies converted into organized and accessible digital formats!

At Hi-Tech BPO Services, our comprehensive data conversion services enable an effortless and effective automation of paper-based data.

We transform your unstructured, difficult-to-access and raw company data into useful and actionable insights facilitating well-informed business decisions.

We, at Hi-Tech BPO Services, apply industry best practices along with latest tools like OCR, ICR for efficient deliverables on diverse digitized formats, technical platforms and database.

With a dedicated pool of data conversion specialists; we have successfully executed large projects for industries like insurance, bank & financial institutes, healthcare, real-estate, media & publishing, manufacturing, retail, etc.

Solutions We Offer:

Document Conversion:
Get various computerized documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, etc., transformed into other digital formats through our data conversion capabilities.

PDF Conversion:
We convert data from various editable and non-editable PDF files into Excel, Word, InDesign or into other electronic formats.

eBook Conversion:
Effective conversion of paper-based documents, physical books or webpages into eBooks.

XML Conversion:
Our experts efficiently capture information from various scanned documents and convert it into accessible and comprehensible XML format.

HTML Conversion:
Our capabilities lies in accurate conversion of PPT, Text, Flash, RTF, Image, PDF, and Design files into HTML format.

Case Studies:

Hi-Tech - Advantages:

  • Wide experience of qualitative and accurate data conversion deliverables, within a designated time-line.
  • Outsourcing data conversion helps you save up to 30%-50% revenues on overhead operations and infrastructure expenses.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure comprising latest technologies and backup systems, we ensure uninterrupted services.
  • We efficiently synchronize data converting it into easy-to-access and archive formats.
  • Complete compliance with data security and confidentiality.