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Data Entry Services with Hi-Tech BPO Services

Whether you are managing millions of records daily, conducting marketing research, or just have a bulk documents you want converted to electronic format, Hi-Tech's data entry services will meet your objectives with data accuracy, turnaround time and cost.

Hi-Tech is an India based data entry company, specializes in outsourcing of data entry services and documents processing. Hi-Tech’s work incorporates document scanning and a mixture of key-from-image and advanced data capture and recognition technologies to achieve greater efficiency and accuracy.

List of Data Entry Services, We Offer:

Outsource data entry services to Hi-Tech, our comprehensive solutions to support our client’s data entry requirements include the following:

  • Document Data Entry
  • Bulk Receipt & Bill Entry
  • Invoice Data Entry
  • Ecommerce Product Data Entry
  • Catalog Data Entry
  • Forms Data Entry
  • Image Entry & Archive
  • Data Entry into CRM
  • Remote Data Entry
  • Internet Research
  • Address Correction & Verification
  • Document Imaging

Industry Wise Data Entry Solutions:

Hi-Tech has dedicated team for each industry to handle niche requirements.

Our online data entry capabilities include capturing and entering data from various medical documents.

We accurately key in data from documents like hospital/clinic admission forms, medical bills, pharmacy bills, medical claims, medical history questionnaires, correspondences, etc.

Transportation & Logistics:
Our experts capture data from various printed/handwritten or electronic document like commercial bills, freight documents, waybills, delivery receipts, shipping order, cargo manifests, courier reports, etc.

Banking & Financial Services:
We help banks/financial institutes, with flawless data entry into various forms like rebate, credit card applications, mortgage and loans, checks, change of address, etc.

Real Estate:
Our data entry for real estate aims converting information from rental forms, sales/purchase deed, customer details, property documents, foreclosure, etc. into digital version.

We provide accurate and quick data entry services for property documents, purchase order, inventory, surveys, invoice entry etc.

At Hi-Tech BPO services, we help you create a data-bank for various documents like customer acquisition forms, contract details, order management documents, and updating CRM.

Our retail data entry capabilities covers the wider spectrum including ecommerce catalog management, product data entry and coupon data entry.

We feed in data like product description and attributes from printed/digitized catalogs into ecommerce portal database system. Also, we are proficient in coupon management and bulk product data entry.

Case Studies:


  • Extensive experience and domain expertise in Data Entry Services.
  • Multi-layered security check-points to ensure there is no data breach.
  • Streamlined data-banks and reduced redundancy for augmented business productivity.
  • Thorough quality assurance to ensure accurate deliverables.
  • Strict adherence to deadlines, we ensure quality results within the given time-frame.
  • Team of dedicated professionals to effectively manage large-scale or complex project requirement.