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Data Mining Services

Hi-Tech BPO services' data mining solution is a comprehensive suite of services focusing on efficient, reliable and quick data mining, at very competitive rates.

With a team of trained and experience data mining experts; we have handled and executed large-scale data mining projects of various industrial domains like ecommerce portals, real estate, information technology healthcare, banking & finance, insurance, media/publication, marketing firms, etc.

Our specialists; applying advanced technological tools; effectively mine data from any source – be it one you prefer or other reliable web sources to gather relevant data.

Additionally, we take a tech-driven along with manual data mining strategies to ensure swift and quality data mining solutions.

We Specialize in:

Our extensive data mining solutions include:

  • Web data mining to gather Professional profile and Contact information from various websites
  • Capturing user information from different online Meetup groups
  • Data gathering from various websites
  • Information extraction from Online Product sites
  • Data mining covering various auction sites
  • Real estate data mining
  • Collecting Data from different PDFs
  • Data extraction from multiple online business directories
  • Data extraction from Google Map
  • Detail extraction from coupon images
  • Validating the collected data

Case Studies:

Hi-Tech – Advantages:

  • Combining manual as well as technical methods; we gather relevant and current set of information from a variety of online/offline sources.
  • Extensive and thorough research to mine the very difficult to search information.
  • Detailed examination of all the data that is collected.
  • Strict compliance to confidentiality and data security standards to make sure your data does not fall in wrong hands.
  • Adhering to deadline for a quick, accurate and effective outputs; ensuring optimum ROI.