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Legal Transcription Services

To assist legal firms and attorneys to maintain a smooth work flow and also reduce their expenditures; Hi-Tech BPO Services delivers secure, precise and cost effective legal transcription services.

Through our legal transcription services, we have accurately transcribed minutes of meetings, legal correspondences, notes, memorandums, depositions, trials, hearings, etc.

With our efficiency and reliability, we have become a sort of an offshore extension of numerous legal firms, lawyers and attorneys. So why not, you too try our legal transcription services? All you have to do is outsource legal transcription requirements along with dictations to us, and we will create the best solution to cut your costs as well as deliver outstanding output.

All this quality legal transcription services is ensured by our qualified legal transcription services staff, which is adept with all legal terminologies and various language accents.

Types of Audio Dictation Files Accepted:

Hi-Tech BPO Services can efficiently and accurately transcribe from every known audio recording medium. So, no matter which ever audio file or medium you might have, just send it to us, and we will accurately transcribe every word uttered in the audio file.

Features of our Legal Transcription Services:

  • We have been delivering wide ranging legal transcription services
  • Skilled and qualified legal transcription services team
  • TAT pre-fixed based on urgency level
  • Thorough knowledge of all legal terminologies
  • Highly confidential dealings
  • Accuracy and quality guaranteed

Hi-Tech BPO Services has been offering highly flexible legal transcription services, which helps client’s to modify our processes to match their requirements. Based on the client’s requirement, we can fully dedicate a single person or a whole team to attend to their legal transcription services requirements.

As we are renowned as the best outsource legal transcription services partner, don’t you think partnering with us will be a good idea to receive reliable services along with reducing your expenses.

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