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Scanning and Indexing Services

Hi-Tech BPO Services is the perfect choice to consider if you want to outsource scanning and indexing requirements.

With profound competency, we have been assisting all our clients with our scanning and indexing services in developing a sound document management system.

We can accurately scan any medium such as documents, magazines, hand written documents, aperture cards, films, microfilms, etc.

We offer scanning and indexing services that includes document scanning/indexing, full text OCR, image scanning/indexing, document imaging, file naming, document management, database creation and population, CD mastering, onsite-offsite production.

Benefits - Hi-Tech BPO Services:

  • State-of-the-art scanning and indexing procedures and methodologies
  • Advanced scanners to scan in high quality and viable indexing options for increased and improved document management
  • High speed scanners to scan number of pages per day
  • Skilled and proficient scanning and indexing staff

Solutions We Offer:

Hi-Tech BPO Services has been providing highly accurate and quality based scanning and indexing solutions, which can arguably be stated to be the most reasonably priced services. By using our document scanning services, you can convert paper based documents into digital images (JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and PDF etc.).

Outsource scanning and indexing requirements to us, and we will formulate effectual strategies to improve your document management system. Through us, you will be able to keep a digital copy of all your important documents and retrieve information or documents with ease.

Case Studies:

Superior Quality Assured:

To ensure top most quality, we have invested in state of the art scanners to deliver accurate and clarity based digital copies. And with proven indexing procedures, we ensure efficient document and information retrieval.

Experienced staffs thoroughly go through every scanned copy to check for the accuracy of the digitized copy in comparison to the original document.