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Transcription Services

We convert your audio into accurate text!

Hi-Tech BPO services, a leading transcription company, provides qualitative transcription services.

We help your enterprise in documenting the audio files into textual content for different business interactions, further enabling you with easy look-up and enhanced record maintenance.

Our team of skilled transcription professionals are capable of efficient deliverance of bulk and complex projects consisting of varied accents, vocabulary and speech patterns.

We, at Hi-Tech BPO Services, using proven methodologies and latest tools; efficiently transcribe different sources like digital voice, audio/video files, microcassette, tapes, DVD, CD, MP3, MP4 and WAV, etc.

Our proficiency stems from extensive experience of associating and working with key domains like large enterprises, law companies, healthcare facilities, media houses, etc.

We Specialize in:

Business Transcription:
Transform your business interactions like interviews, dictated letters, memos & time-sheets, conference calls, webcasts, business conferences, meetings, etc. into text.

Legal Transcription:
We deliver an extensive range of solutions of transcription like courtroom proceedings, reports as dictated by the lawyers, audio/video of court hearings, legal pleadings, depositions, etc.

Medical Transcription:
Our medical transcription services for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities. We accurately transcribe medical records summaries, medical history & physical reports of the patients, prescriptions, diagnosis, discharge/clinical summaries, etc.

Media Transcription:
We provide transcription and captioning solutions for various films, short-plays, documentaries, live talk shows, news, television/radio interviews, raw footages, live group discussions, etc.

Case Studies:

Hi-Tech - Advantages:

  • We strictly comply with HIPAA standards, assuring complete accuracy.
  • Wide experience in delivering quality transcriptions, in a designated time-line.
  • Strict adherence to international data security benchmarks for a secure transcription.
  • With our inherent transcription capabilities, we deliver quality result at most competitive rates.