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Web Scraping Services - Extracting Business Data You Need

At, Hi-tech BPO Services, we provide a comprehensive suite of web scraping services delivering reliable, time-bound, accurate web scraping solutions; along with data collection and extraction services at a very competitive rate.

With a set of customized services; we have successfully cater to the exclusive business requirements for multiple global enterprises ranging from various medium-sized companies to Fortune 500 enterprises; belonging to verticals like ecommerce portals, real estate, information technology healthcare, banking & finance, insurance, media/publication, marketing firms, and much more.

At Hi-Tech BPO Services we help various business domains to build their own database, an updated mailing list as well generate leads by getting an access to vast resources of information available on internet and converting it into a uniformed and structured format.

We Extend Web Scraping and Extracting Services for:

  • Contact information extraction & scraping
  • Extracting data from website and conversion of raw data into excel and other easy-to-read formats
  • Gathering user info from various online Meetup groups
  • Extracting images from various websites
  • Online product information extraction
  • Information extraction from various auction sites
  • Real estate data extraction
  • Screen scraping services
  • Data collection from PDF
  • Gathering data from business directories
  • Extracting data from Google Map
  • Detail extraction from coupon images

Case Studies:

Hi-Tech – Advantages:

  • Putting advanced set of technologies and latest web scarper to use for gathering relevant and current set of information from different sources.
  • Comprehensive, and wide-ranging research to extract hard-to-find information.
  • Meticulous analysis of collected data.
  • Adherence to confidentiality and data security standards ensuring privacy compliance.
  • Strict observation of deadline for quality, fast and effective outputs at competitive prices.