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Outsource Online Data Entry Gives Your Business that Competitive Edge

Outsource Online Data Entry Gives Your Business that Competitive Edge

Advent of technology has supported businesses and companies in many ways, and at the same time has also brought us to a juncture where businesses today generate a lot of data in the course of their operations. The laundry list can be really long including, invoices, receipts, coupon codes, survey forms, deal numbers, order slips, package label information, transaction details and much more.

All this accumulated data, though it seems to be a routine; proves extremely important at times when the company is required to make well informed futuristic decisions or drawing conclusions about the state of the business. This makes it mandatory that all this data is organized in a perfect manner, through outsourced online data entry solution, and is handily available in a ready to use format.

But it is all easier said than done. A lot of companies get tangled in the process of arranging this huge multitude of data in that required perfect order. It is really difficult, needs expertise and needless to say- is time consuming too. Apart from enormous time, it also eats up into the energy and motivation of employees. It goes unsaid that a large part of company’s employees are required to be dedicatedly working on the task of online data entry, restraining them from paying due attention on core business activities, hurting the productivity of the business and slowing down the growth of the business.

None of the organization or enterprise would be happy to get into this unpleasant situation, and hence; prudently should look out for alternatives. The best option that has proved its worth since more than two decades is, to outsource online data entry tasks to a partner, equipped with the experience and expertise to exclusively do this work. And as we all know, India has become a synonym to Outsourcing, and companies from developed and developing countries can expect best data entry solutions; may it be data conversion, eBook publishing or even data mining. They deliver these data entry solutions at a cost which is less than half of the labor cost in the destination of origin.

Here are significant signs that your organization should outsource online data entry:

1. Preeminent costs

Managing humongous data with the help of an in-house team is not only a daunting task, but also requires massive dollars to be invested. These dollars could be spent in form of employing manpower, training them, rising cost of infrastructure, investment in tools, technologies and software and many more. Irrespective of where the investment is utilized, end of day it adds up to the financial burden to the organization. However; outsource online data entry solution clubbed with overall data management would empower your company with that much needed flexibility, required to not only survive but also to thrive in these concurrent market dynamics.

2. Huge in-house team, but are they all experts and experienced?

An organization might hire a huge team, specifically for data entry task, but not necessarily they all are experts and experienced at data entry. The company may hire best online data entry operators, but mind well – they come at a special price, which inevitably increases the budget.

However; on other hand, outsourcing data entry solution providers are equipped with highly experienced and qualified data entry professionals. The best part is that these online data entry solution providers have professionals on board who are capable of administering security, safeguarding, and upgrading requirements, which in turn ensures that you network that is used for online data entry tasks is in absolute tandem.

3. Adherence to compliance standards and guidelines

Taking the aforementioned point ahead, because the in-house team delivering online data entry work is not experienced and expert, there is minimal or less scope that they are doing their work in compliance with government and regulatory guidelines. I.e., credit card standards, medical HIPAA, insurance accountability law and much more, are something that in-house teams are not aware of it and it is not their fault either.

They are not supposed to know all these requirements of a non-core activity, as they were hired to help the business grow and flourish. Non adherence to all these laws could lead to unpleasant legalities and penalties too. Online data entry solutions outsourcing companies are well versed with the guidelines and regulations.

4. Adept data entry professionals are adapt at adopting technological changes

The advent in software, tools and technologies on one hand have benefited companies and on the other hand have created challenges. Technological upgrades happening virtually every hour makes it all the more difficult for the companies or businesses to keep pace with these changes. These advancements also bring in additional cost, which takes us back to the segment of overburdened budgets. Responding to these technology changes is mandatory for organizations to stay competitive.

Advisable it is, to outsource these activities to third party online data entry solution providers to gain that flexibility of responding to technology changes quicker than your competitors. This way one can focus on making well informed business decision leaving a positive impact on the business.

5. Motivate your employees, don’t manage them

You may be among those top 10 organizations with resourceful staff on-board. However; time has been a witness that rather than engaging employees in non-core activity such as online data entry, leveraging their expertise in areas of business keeps them motivated to the fullest, as well as helps your organization to go miles ahead of competition. This way you would notice the productivity skyrocket as never before. Freeing your skilled staff from data entry and other non-core business activities, their productivity will certainly increase.


Managing data has always been a challenge and a daunting task for everyone since inception, and the gravity has increased immensely after the realization of the importance of data that is accurate. Data touches every aspect of our life and hence; businesses need to know how to store, convert and effectively use data, transforming it to valuable information for the growth of the business and gain that competitive edge over others. Now is the time to partner best online data entry solution provider for your business needs.

Written by :

Chirag Shivalker - active as a BPM professional for more than 15 years; believes that mindset & not the toolset ensures the success of any Business Process Management partnership. He creates strong arguments for justifying BPM initiatives, which provide leaner and more productive, flexible and efficient business operations.


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